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Party in the USA 
2024 LVF Gala

The Lindsey Vonn Foundation sees a future in which individuals can lead and change the world through ownership of their goals, ideas, and actions. Join us in making a life-changing difference in young girls’ lives by supporting our Party in the USA event Saturday, August 10, 2024 in Park City, Utah.

The Lindsey Vonn Foundation: Empowering underserved girls through camps, scholarships, and life-changing experiences.

About the



The Lindsey Vonn Foundation is committed to empowering underserved girls with a positive and constructive atmosphere. Our focus is to help the girls grow as individuals in whatever their passions may be as learners, athletes, or artists. Our programs help girls to gain confidence, build inclusivity, and discover their grit within. 

How We Use Funds & Donations


All LVF donations and funds raised will be put towards programs to help girls achieve their dreams. Our future goals are to hold more camps, give out more scholarships, and put on more speaker series across the country to the underserved communities who need it most. Click here to sign up for our seasonal newsletter and see what we’ve been up to!

“Club volleyball lets me sharpen my skills and push myself to set a standard on my team of effort, sportsmanship, and intensity. Volleyball throughout my life has taught me to lose gracefully and win humbly.”


Olivia received a $1,500 scholarship to the Vail Volleyball Club


of Strong Girls

NY camp participants

believe . . . 

"I have the mental skills to navigate any challenge in my way."


of Strong Girls

Baltimore camp parents say that . . . 

"My daughter is noticeably more confident after camp."

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