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Lindsey Vonn Foundation Announces the $10,000 Lindsey Vonn ‘GREAT Starts With GRIT’ Scholarship, Empowering Future Female Leaders

PARK CITY, UTAH – Expanding her support and mentorship for young women nationally, Lindsey Vonn today announced the $10,000 Lindsey Vonn Foundation ‘GREAT Starts With GRIT’ Scholarship.

Through an extraordinary career redefining the boundaries of alpine skiing, Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn is one of the most dominant and influential athletes in the sport's history. Her impact has long extended beyond skiing through the Lindsey Vonn Foundation, founded in 2014. LVF provides programming for education, sports, and enrichment programs to help young girls grow as athletes, leaders, and individuals.

Now, with the announcement of the $10,000 Lindsey Vonn Foundation's ‘GREAT Starts With GRIT’ Scholarship, Lindsey Vonn continues to empower girls from underserved communities in their pursuit of athletic and extracurricular excellence. The scholarship is open to girls who have persevered through obstacles to achieve their aspirational goals. Two winners will each be awarded $5,000 through the scholarship – one award will be for first and second-year high school students, and the other for third and fourth-year high school students. To apply, candidates will be asked to submit a short essay outlining how “they embody a gritty mindset amid challenges they had to overcome”. 

Lindsey Vonn and the Lindsey Vonn Foundation are proud to partner with to bring this opportunity to deserving candidates., the largest student scholarship platform in the US, is dedicated to unlocking opportunities by broadening access to education through exclusive funding opportunities.

At the Lindsey Vonn Foundation, Lindsey Vonn believes grit is the cornerstone of greatness. “With the 'GREAT Starts With GRIT' Scholarship, we're igniting the potential of young women to overcome challenges, pursue their dreams, and lead with resilience”, said Vonn. “This isn't just about scholarships; it's about shaping a future where every girl knows her power and potential." CEO and Co-founder Dror Liebenthal says, “Many members grew up watching and being inspired by Lindsey’s Olympic triumphs. We’re so proud to partner with her to support gritty women persevering through adversity.”

ABOUT The Lindsey Vonn Foundation

The Lindsey Vonn Foundation's message to young women everywhere is: “Grit is at the core of our identity. It is the determining factor that can set ambitious girls apart from everyone else. Intelligence and skill can only take us so far — if we put time in when no one else sees the value, that is when we can truly flourish as a strong leader. At the Lindsey Vonn Foundation, our central mission is to instill grit in young girls nationwide.” 

Through the LVF Strong Girls camps, the Lindsey Vonn Foundation brings its values to life through direct connection with the girls who need it most. These 2-day summer camps implement an LVF-designed curriculum, helping girls step out of their comfort zone, build confidence, and make new friends. 


Founded in 2019 with the mission of Fighting Student Debt, has quickly grown to become the largest student scholarship/finance platform in the US, working with thousands of donors like Terry Crews, Cat Zingano, Imagine Dragons, and more to award millions in annual scholarships to thousands of deserving students.

On, anyone and any company can create a customized scholarship, fellowship, or grant in minutes, with the confidence that 100% of their tax-deductible donation will go directly to supporting the next generation of students as they boldly change the world.


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