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LVF x YNIQ: Empower Girls Today to Change the World Tomorrow With Exclusive Eyewear Line

Join the Lindsey Vonn Foundation in our partnership with YNIQ, an artisanal brand founded in Stockholm with an ambition to redefine performance eyewear as wearable pieces of art!

YNIQ eyewear embodies a philosophy of embracing the extraordinary, challenging convention and inspiring individuality. YNIQ crafts each product as a celebration of uniqueness.

In the same spirit of LVF, YNIQ empowers you to redefine limits and immerse yourself in the wonders of life. Their products symbolize defiance against conformity and celebrate the beauty of individuality, unlocking the path to clarity, style, and freedom.

In collaboration with YNIQ, LVF has created a limited edition, world-class quality line of performance eyewear expertly balanced between practicality and high-end style.

A portion of funds raised from our partnership with YNIQ will be put toward programs and scholarships to help girls achieve their dreams. Empower girls today to change the world tomorrow!

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