Lindsey Vonn Foundation STRONG GIRLS Camp Recap

The Strong Girls Camp in LA was a complete success!  Thanks to our partners @ZGiRLS for their confidence-building curriculum and their fun and positive mentors that made this camp possible!  We also had @Chase special guests to teach all 125 girls about Cyber Security. 

Finally, we asked the girls what they learned from the LVF STRONG Girls 2-day camp and how it improved their outlook on life, here's a recap: 

100% of participants thought the LVF STRONG GIRLS Camp was fun!

100% of participants liked their ZGiRLS Mentor

What did you learn from the camp?

  • "I can do anything! My body is my machine and it's beautiful. My limits are only in my head and I can get through them ."

  • "No matter the situation, you can always think of the positive things versus the negative. I just have to love myself."

  •  "Self love and confidence"

  • "That bad days are the best days because you learn from them."

  • "That I will do anything and that I can, I have a strong team, body, mind and I can overcome negative destructive thought with 3 easy steps."

  • "I learned that my mindset is very important and that I can always accomplish anything if I try."  

  • "That everyone is beautiful in their own way." 

Favorite Activities:

1. World Cup Challenge

2. Lip Sync Battle

3.  All Games

Favorite Part of the Camp:

1. Games

2. Lindsey Vonn

3.Making friends

4. The food


98.6% of participants believe “I have the mental skills to navigate any challenge in my way.”

Would you come to another STRONG Girls camp?  4.46/5 

Parents Feedback:

84% Said "My daughter is noticeably more confident after camp"

My daughter liked her ZGiRLS Mentor                             100%

I feel like the skills my daughter learned are useful       100%

My daughter felt included & supported                            98%

Communication with ZGiRLS was just right                      70%

My daughter would like to attend another LVF Camp     97%

The closing ceremony was educational and helpful        98%

How likely are you to recommend LVF Programs to a friend? 4.83/5

What did we do well?

  • "The mentors were wonderful and had so much energy. They were very kind and thoughtful to the girls."

  • "My daughter enjoyed the whole experience! She particularly liked the physical training type activities, but also enjoyed the fun/entertainment activities as well."

  • "Great spirit and warmth, my daughter came without bringing friends, and was excited and enthusiastic."

  • "Well organized, good content."

  • "Lindsey's message about body image was so impactful."

  • "She loved all of it-making new friends, learning new skills, and learning how to be healthy in all ways."

  • "Energetic, Fun, Fun, Fun!! I think meeting Lindsey was the best part for her. Actually getting to meet her and hear her stories about playing sports."

  • "Meeting other girls her age who are also athletes."

  • "We loved the positive energy! When we walked in, everyone was extremely warm and friendly and greeted us with a smile."

  • "The motivation and organization were outstanding."

  • "She really liked the workbook and practicing some of the skills in small groups. She liked the gift bag too."

  • "You did a great job with making each girl feel included. My daughter enjoyed meeting new people and learning the valuable lessons shared over the weekend."

If you were talking to a parent who was considering signing their daughter up for an LVF Program, what would you tell them about your daughter's experience?

  • "It was a great experience. We are thankful to have been a part of it. It is a wonderful program to go through, for learning, experience, fun and friendships." 

  • "Super supportive environment for gaining more tools heading into these often times confusing pre teen/teen years."

  • "She gets to spend the weekend with a group of bad ass women."