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Lindsey Vonn Foundation STRONG GIRLS Camp Recap

The Strong Girls Camp in LA was a complete success!  Thanks to our partners @ZGiRLS for their confidence-building curriculum and their fun and positive mentors that made this camp possible!  We also had @Chase special guests to teach all 125 girls about Cyber Security. 

Finally, we asked the girls what they learned from the LVF STRONG Girls 2-day camp and how it improved their outlook on life, here's a recap: 

100% of participants thought the LVF STRONG GIRLS Camp was fun!

100% of participants liked their ZGiRLS Mentor

What did you learn from the camp?

  • "I can do anything! My body is my machine and it's beautiful. My limits are only in my head and I can get through them ."

  • "No matter the situation, you can always think of the positive things versus the negative. I just have to love myself."

  •  "Self love and confidence"

  • "That bad days are the best days because you learn from them."

  • "That I will do anything and that I can, I have a strong team, body, mind and I can overcome negative destructive thought with 3 easy steps."

  • "I learned that my mindset is very important and that I can always accomplish anything if I try."  

  • "That everyone is beautiful in their own way." 

Favorite Activities:

1. World Cup Challenge

2. Lip Sync Battle

3.  All Games

Favorite Part of the Camp:

1. Games

2. Lindsey Vonn

3.Making friends

4. The food


98.6% of participants believe “I have the mental skills to navigate any challenge in my way.”

Would you come to another STRONG Girls camp?  4.46/5 

Parents Feedback:

84% Said "My daughter is noticeably more confident after camp"

My daughter liked her ZGiRLS Mentor                             100%

I feel like the skills my daughter learned are useful       100%

My daughter felt included & supported                            98%

Communication with ZGiRLS was just right                      70%

My daughter would like to attend another LVF Camp     97%

The closing ceremony was educational and helpful        98%

How likely are you to recommend LVF Programs to a friend? 4.83/5

What did we do well?

  • "The mentors were wonderful and had so much energy. They were very kind and thoughtful to the girls."

  • "My daughter enjoyed the whole experience! She particularly liked the physical training type activities, but also enjoyed the fun/entertainment activities as well."

  • "Great spirit and warmth, my daughter came without bringing friends, and was excited and enthusiastic."

  • "Well organized, good content."

  • "Lindsey's message about body image was so impactful."

  • "She loved all of it-making new friends, learning new skills, and learning how to be healthy in all ways."

  • "Energetic, Fun, Fun, Fun!! I think meeting Lindsey was the best part for her. Actually getting to meet her and hear her stories about playing sports."

  • "Meeting other girls her age who are also athletes."

  • "We loved the positive energy! When we walked in, everyone was extremely warm and friendly and greeted us with a smile."

  • "The motivation and organization were outstanding."

  • "She really liked the workbook and practicing some of the skills in small groups. She liked the gift bag too."

  • "You did a great job with making each girl feel included. My daughter enjoyed meeting new people and learning the valuable lessons shared over the weekend."

If you were talking to a parent who was considering signing their daughter up for an LVF Program, what would you tell them about your daughter's experience?

  • "It was a great experience. We are thankful to have been a part of it. It is a wonderful program to go through, for learning, experience, fun and friendships." 

  • "Super supportive environment for gaining more tools heading into these often times confusing pre teen/teen years."

  • "She gets to spend the weekend with a group of bad ass women."

  • "Very unique, inspiring, great team girls atmosphere."

  • "It made her feel special. I have daughters and nieces that need this message from someone other than their parents. Meeting older girls who are successful athletes is SO important! Girls don't have enough access to successful girl mentors! Thank you." 

  • "I've been telling EVERYONE I've been talking to that this was an amazing experience!! My daughter got to meet so many girls, her age, who are interested in being active and taking care of themselves and being positive and strong. I told them the energy both days was amazing...just so positive, uplifting, and motivating! And I was super impressed with the mentors and their interaction with the kids and parents! Just an unforgettable experience!"

  • "That she had an amazing time and that it really helped her with her mindset and confidence."

  • "It was a great confidence building camp!!! SO MUCH FUN!!"

  • "The Strong Girls Camp was very educational and hands on. My daughter loved it and I think yours will to." 

  • "I would definitely encourage any parent to participate in the camp. My daughter came back super excited and empowered."

  • "A++ they should absolutely do it! It is absolutely worth the trip ! Go in with an open mind!"



She felt better about herself and her outlook after having a great time doodle jump, she said.


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Yumi Vega
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Peter Bately
Peter Bately
Nov 04, 2022

She said she had a fantastic time, which boosted her attitude and self-confidence.

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