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#STRONGgirls Camps

Be uniquely challenged to step out of your comfort zone, meet new friends, and build your confidence like never before.

Our Camp & Mission


The Lindsey Vonn Foundation's #STRONGgirls camp is designed for 10-14-year-olds to embrace who they are, define their future, and change the world.  In our 2-day camp, girls will learn about mental and physical health, how to create healthy relationships, how to build confidence, persevere with goal-setting techniques, and finally, how to put all those things together to become a strong leader and have a positive impact on their community. 

Lindsey Vonn’s story is closely integrated into the curriculum to create context and meaning behind the techniques taught during the camp. Lindsey will be an active member and leader to these girls to help them find their voices and propel them into action to reach their goals. 

Our curriculum is designed to reach and teach every and all abilities and levels.  Each camp is carefully curated to the demographic, geographic, and socioeconomic factors in that location, as well as to each individual camper’s needs. 


Diverse mentors will be selected locally, not only to lead their group during the camp, but to guide them in their community as well.  LVF will help bring together campers, mentors, resources, and other experts to join our closed network social platform to stay connected and become a support system in a safe setting outside of the camp. 

The #STRONGgirls Camp is a starting point for personal growth, where they will learn the importance of staying active and healthy. Each young woman will support and find support in others, and each camper will gain the capacity to recognize, love, and nurture their own uniqueness. 

Want to volunteer, mentor, or register to be a camper? Click the buttons below to start your #STRONGgirls journey!

What makes our camps so special?

With a strong commitment to instilling grit in the future leaders of tomorrow, LVF camps aim to reach new heights with every camper. 97% of 2022 campers believed they could “overcome any challenge" after their 2-day experience. Since then, this number has grown with each girl who experiences our confidence building. 

View our survey reports from past events and experience the camp for yourself!

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