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Top Criteria for getting an Authentic ESA Letter - 2022 Guide

One of the less frequently stated therapies for emotional and mental health is the option of acquiring an emotional support animal. While most of you may not be aware of the idea of having a furry buddy in dark times of your life, the idea is still very real and feasible. However, there is a certain criterion that needs to be met for you to be eligible to keep your fluff ball full of support with you all the time. The purpose of this eligibility criteria is to ensure that if the presence of a pet is facilitated in a place, then the animal’s presence must be of some significance for the pet owner. Otherwise, the esa letter for housing animals would go to waste, adding to the landlord's or neighbors' burden. Therefore, in order to be deemed eligible for an emotional support animal, you must be responsive to this therapeutic treatment.

Before diving in the topic of what makes you eligible for keeping an emotional support animal, let's figure out the purpose of ESA’s and who provides you the authorization to keep them.

An ESA is a pet that offers you comfort when you struggle with emotional and mental health issues and find it difficult to explicitly ask for help from another person. In this situation, your pet provides you with all the comfort and support you require because of their ability to brighten up the mood of their human partner simply by existing. However, these pets may provide a lot more than just their soothing existence. They can detect your discomfort, tension, or anxiety and provide you with support accordingly.

While we are on the topic of acquiring an emotional support animal, let’s skim through the topic of who provides authorization for keeping pets with you at every place. The ultimate requirement is an ESA letter that is issued by a licensed professional such as a therapist, counselor, or any other mental health expert who has the authority to issue such letters. Anyone who is not a licensed professional does not hold the power to recommend or issue it, so don’t fall for scams!

The criteria that needs to be fulfilled to make you eligible for getting an emotional support animal are discussed below.

An authentic letter

The very basic requirement for the eligibility for keeping an ESA is an authenticated letter issued by a legitimate and licensed professional. Without any emotional support animal letter, you may not be allowed to travel with your pet or keep it in your house. Many landlords or housing societies do not allow pets which makes it nearly impossible for you to keep your pet with you. However, with an authentic letter, you are eligible to get and keep your support animal with you and go through the darkest phases of your life with all the support that you may need.

Mental health impairment

There are tons of mental and emotional health issues that individuals face in their everyday life. It is nearly impossible to mention them all in a single post, but I have come up with a few examples that may help you in figuring out if your emotional or mental states make you eligible for an emotional support animal or not.

If you suffer from the following or other similar psychological disorders then ESA therapy is for you.

Depression or anxiety

Both depression and anxiety are among the mental health issues that are common among individuals these days. While depression negatively influences the intellectual abilities of an individual and pushes negative thoughts in the mind, anxiety causes negative behavioral changes. Thus, both of them necessitate a therapeutic solution including getting an emotional support animal.

Learning or intellectual disability

Learning disability makes it difficult for an individual to grasp information or perform well in an educational career. This may lead to many other mental health issues. If you are someone who is dealing with such disabilities, you are eligible to get an emotional support animal.

Mental retardation

Mental retardation is a situation when you are unable to reach the psychological or cognitive development goals set for your age or level. If you find yourself stuck in such a situation, then ESA therapy is for you.

The ESA’s presence must provide you with significant support

The basic purpose of allowing individuals to keep their pets with them at places where they’re not generally allowed is to provide them support. If the person does not respond to this therapy for mental and health issues, then he/she is not eligible for keeping an ESA.

The above-mentioned criteria must be met before you get authorization to keep an emotional support animal. One thing to remember is that even when you meet the above criteria, it is upon the sole discretion of the mental health professional from whom you seek assistance that whether he or she finds you eligible for this therapy or not. Although most of the time it is easy to acquire the letter through their recommendation, you must also keep in mind that your request could be rejected.

One tip that I would like to give you is to always seek assistance in getting the letter from a legitimate source. There are many scamming websites that are deceiving individuals in the name of acquiring an emotional support animal. So, keep an open eye for fake letter issuers. Find the best website such as that you can so that your letter can be delivered to you as soon as possible.

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