We hosted a speaker event in Lindsey’s hometown of Minneapolis at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre, located downtown. Author and speaker Rosalind Wiseman offered her valuable insight and expert advice on bullying prevention and ethical leadership. Wiseman was one of the principal speakers at the White House Conference on Bullying. She spoke to a massive crowd about understanding and successfully navigating the social challenges young girls encounter today. We ended the night with an interesting session in which Lindsey and Rosalind fielded questions from the audience. 

The evening was filled with meaningful discussion around the difficult issues that often stand between young women and their dreams. Talking through these challenges can often make them seem less daunting than they once were. 

“I just want to inspire and empower girls to do whatever it is that they dream of doing. I didn’t want to do a function where it was specific to any one thing,” Vonn said. “It’s not about skiing, it’s not about necessarily sports, it’s just about having the courage to follow your dreams,” Lindsey said.